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         Level 1 - 3 & Moon Mother® mentors

Moon Mothers® in German-speaking countries

Moon Mothers®

- in German-speaking countries -

Women advise & support women


We are there for you. . .

• As contact persons for information about the

Womb Blessing®, Womb Healing,

Cycle consciousness , earthyoni blessing & " the Gift" - that

Gift divine feminine energy for M änner

• We offer personal Womb BLessings® & Womb Healings


• Advise and advise Advanced Moon Mother® mentors

women slide on cycle themes

• We like to tell what it's like to be a Moon Mother

• lead groups for Worldwide Womb Blessing

• we live feminine spiritual consciousness in our own

           Everyday & at work

We are the m oon M others

What is a Moon Mother®?

"Moon Mothers®" are ordinary women like you and me, whom other women

supporttheir authentic femininity to live.

We personally attended a> Moon Mother Training Workshop with Miranda Gray

or one of her trained & certified teachers (>Moon Mother Teacher )

taken &received the initiation to the Moon Mother there.

We offer Personal Womb Blessings® & Womb Healings and Advanced Moon

Mother® mentors advise and support women on cycle issues.

A Womb Blessing®, with a full title> Womb Blessing® Attunement -

The awakening of feminine energy is a process of transformation with a vibrational

increase & clarification of outdated patterns.

It awakens the aspects of our femininity that have fallen asleep, from which we are

are separated or those that have not yet been able to unfold. It gives us

inner attachment, strength, lets our creativity bloom, awakens our senses

opportunity, gives us self-confidence and self-empowerment and the freedom to

be who we are.

It is a key to a full & authentic female life.

Personal Womb Blessings® focus on being an individual woman &

work with a woman's personal issues that are pending for her.

The worldwide Womb Blessings® are a common powerful and healing one

Change of collective issues.

Personal Womb Blessings® can be used in the same month and on the same day as

the World-wide Womb Blessing® can be experienced or on any other day.

Womb Healings support the Womb's transformation and integration process

Blessings and work with the already awakened feminine aspects and the die

are suppressed and blocked.

The mentor counseling supplements the individual sessions or can be done individually

will be experienced.

They support women in getting to know their cyclical nature and theirs

To deepen experiences with it and to enhance your femininity in everyday life in a simple and for

to live them individually just ways.


Moon Mothers are catalysts of the Womb Blessing® energy, their presence

in a group at Worldwide Womb® Blessing , the experiences that

Change and deepen the power of the Blessing.

The terms "healing" and "heal" were taken here directly from the English technical

the term "healing" translated.

Promises of healing are not allowed in Germany and the consultation of a moon

Mother®, the Womb Blessing®, Womb Healing, Worldwide Womb Blessing® or

The Gift - the gift of divine feminine love did not replace the visit

at the doctor or alternative practitioner.

If in doubt, turn to your trusted therapist.

B a e M oon M other ®

Training & initiation for Moon Mother®

Miranda Gray & the Moon Mother® Teachers she trained offer Moon Mother®

Trainings for women at:

Bildschirmfoto 2019-03-20 um 15.07.30 Ko

Level 1 Moon Mother® training

The Level 1 Moon Mother® trainings have been in Germany & Austria since 2017

from Miranda Gray to the trained & certified teacher Helia Paula

Kleinhans handed over.

Miranda is currently coming to German-speaking Switzerland once a year for a Level 1 MM


The advanced workshops Level 2 & Level 3 Moon Mother® Training and the Moon

Mother® Mentor Training is taught internationally by Miranda.

We have been looking forward to Miranda for the development workshops in Germany once a year since 2015

to be able to invite.

Level 2 Moon Mother® training

Advanced Moon Mother® mentoring training

More workshops with Miranda Gray

Level 3 Moon Mother® training

find an e M oon M other ®

Do you still have any questions?

Our contact persons:

Miranda Gray on the Moon Mothers:

> Level 1 Moon Mother Training with Miranda Gray 2015 | Frankfurt

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