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Level 1 Moon Mother Training

With Miranda Gray & Moon Mother teacher Bettina Kreissl-Lonfat

Level 1 Moon Mother® training

Training & initiation for Level 1 Moon Mother®
inaugurated in the knowledge & the knowledge of the moons

become a M oon M other ®

and as a result of the call of your heart

Strong roots with mother earth. The moon in the heart. Give love & blessings.

The longing for connection and healing in female spirituality ...

Many women in our culture feel a deep desire for their femininity

to discover, to awaken, to feel full of lived sensuality & joy in your body

Feel your very own nature in harmony with yourself and your surroundings

Life. The feminine needs appreciation, deep acceptance and that

Reminder of the knowledge of our ancestors, which was guarded in silence. Confusion,

Insensitivity, pain, and guilt are expressions of a distorted notion

of life in a woman's body.

As modern down-to-earth women, healers, shamans, we go for the

Path, following the call of our inner longing and our instinct, a path towards

go and level that enables us and other women to be liberated and fulfilled

To live life in a masculine world. It is possible to let go and again

tied at all times to this mighty force, which is part of our woman

His is our beauty and gifts to live.

L evelnbsp; 1 month M other ® Training

• is a 2-day course to become a Level 1 Moon Mother®

• connects you with the Womb Blessing® (womb blessing) energy through the

Moon Mother Initiation

• enables you to give other women personal Womb Blessings® (uterine

blessings) to give

• explains the unique energy system women use to the Womb Blessing®

builds up

• trains you in a simple self-healing technique to take care of yourself as a

Mrs. and Moon Mother®

• Womb Healing teaches you a technique to balance the

Cycle phases & support of the Womb Blessing®

• describes the tasks and possibilities of a Moon Mothers® e.g. installation in healing

work or in your personal life when you are not with other women

want to work

• includes enough time to practice

• You will receive a detailed, easily understandable script in German with the

Instructions, lots of information and valuable tips, as well as online access to

other supporting material for Moon Mothers®

Initiation to the Moon Mother®

You will receive the initiation to “Moon Mother®” on the first day of the seminar. She is a gift

the divine feminine healing energies. She makes you the channel for these Schwin-

and helps you to cleanse and transform your own patterns.

You will learn a simple, practical Womb Blessing sequence for women

can help to improve your femininity and your 3 feminine energy centers - in your lap

space, heart and in the brain (between epiphysis and hypophysis) - in a gentle way to

to act and heal.

Performing the Womb Blessing Sequence enables you to “Womb B

lessing® " to pass on to other women. Every time a woman does this

Receives attunement , deepens her connection with the sacred femininity and the

Energies are available to her for her own healing and development.

To be a certified Moon Mother® ...

At the end of the 2-day course you are a certified "Moon Mother®" and in the

Able to give uterine healings and uterine blessings. As an award

you will receive a nice certificate.

Working with the energies of the Womb Blessing changes us and ours

Life. To be a "Moon Mother®" is a way to unleash the spiritual energies of the Divine

Bring females into our everyday life and women in a single, loving,

connecting spiritual female family together.

Every uterine blessing is and can be a powerful and wholesome gift

be given often as needed. You can use the Womb Blessing® as part of your

therapeutic work, it can be part of your personal and / or spiritual

or you can simply help other women with it.

Womb Blessings® can be used for the full moon or in women's groups such as the

"Red Tent" or the "Women's Temple" are offered. You can women

through transitions and changes in their life and they can be one

Be away the first menstruation, a wedding, maternity or menopause

to appreciate and celebrate. You can also give healing consolation to women

no longer have any physical female abdominal organs and they use their ener-

getic female power centers balance and strengthen. You can be a loving one

Exchange among friends or in families.

As Moon Mother® you are also invited to the Worldwide Womb Blessings®

to channel the energies with and to the full moons outside the womb

Blessings® share the wonderful blessing energy with other women worldwide.


Participation in the seminar ...


This 2 day seminar is for women of all ages. You don't need to participate to participate

mandatory a menstrual cycle, it doesn't matter if you have a regular one

or have an irregular, natural, or medically influenced cycle

or are just going through menopause. The requirement for young women is that

menstruation has already occurred. The workshop is for pregnant women

Not recommended for women after half the pregnancy is advanced.

All materials are made available in German or English.

other languages ​​on request. The workshops with Mirqadna Gray take place in English

Language with German translation instead. The workshops with Helia take place in German

Language (if specified with translation instead.)

Please note: This seminar description is a literal translation of the English

lic template by Miranda. "Womb Healing" means translated into German "Gebär-

mother healing ”. In Germany, however, only doctors or alternative practitioners are allowed to heal

and treat. Ie all participants who do not have an appropriate medical

If you have training, you can use the expression "uterine healing" in Germany

do not use for their work! Alternatively, for example, uterine balance or

Womb balance can be used.



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