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Level 2 Moon Mother Training

Level 2 Moon Mother® training

Training & initiation for Level 2 Moon Mother®
I nitiation in the mother - love, mother - peace & mother - light


Deepen your M o o n M othe r® practice & grow in your divine e nergy.

The yearning for connection and healing in female spirituality...

The workshop is in English with German translation.

Deep within us there is a call - to awaken into love. And as we awaken to that love, we long to share it - and the healing and peace that it brings - with others.

The Level 2 Moon Mother® Workshop is for Moon Mothers who are ready to take the next step in their own awakening and with the Divine Feminine energies that reside within them. Who are ready to take the next step as Moon Mother.

These days are filled with energy, love, fun, healing and transformation.

Level 2 Moon Mother Training introduces you to some new healing treatments & techniques to incorporate into your therapeutic work including Level 2 Womb Blessing Attunement - Awakening Feminine Energy, Level 2 Womb Healing - Feminine Energy Balance, "Female Soul Healing" and "The Gift" for men give you the tools to accompany and support women even more effectively.


We are all women of love and in our hearts, in our wombs, in our wombs and in our souls, we are called to grow in loving kindness - to give love to ourselves and to others. Being a Level 2 Moon Mother allows us to have a deeper connection with Mother Love and experience self-love, self-acceptance, making kindness for ourselves and sharing that Mother-Love with other women so that they can also be in that love can grow so that they can grow in that love too.


The Level 2 initiation is an initiation of love and one of my favorite initiations -  it is a deep honor to share mother love in this way.

In our mother phase, we put our egos on hold, we naturally experience loving kindness, empathy, compassion and the desire to help. By growing within the Mother archetype, we bring a natural balance to the other archetypes in our cycle and we are able to embrace the beauty of our ego, desires and fears and align them with Mother's love.

Level 2 is also about nurturing other women and sharing our love by offering healing treatments from afar using the Moon Mother symbols.

It's also about the feeding of men through the Gift -  the gift of divine feminine love for men so that they too may know love.  

In this workshop

     receive the beautiful initiation into the love of the Divine Feminine and

     will use this energy in a level 2 womb  Share Blessing®.

     learn the Moon Mother symbols for love, light and peace for your own

     get to know development.

     practice sending the symbols from afar and receive the symbols

     from your fellow Moon Mothers.

     Give and receive Level 2 Womb Healing using the symbols,

     learn and experience the meaning of  know and will archetype points

     use advanced healing techniques to clear patterns.

     Learn to give a gift of Divine Feminine Energy to men.

     learn the significance of the other feminine energy points and connect them

     in profound Female Soul Healing.

     explore the meaning behind a Womb Blessing Altar and how    

     this us to that  rich weaving of energies that evokes the miraculous

     creates powers and insights of women.

     make an offering to the Divine Feminine and

     feel her answer.

     Use the symbols around a sacred place for Womb Blessings®, Womb

     Healings and your Worldwide Womb Blessing  create.

     Recognize the dominant archetypes in your life and the moon

     Mother® way they ask you to go.

     qualify for the Level 3 Moon Mother Workshop


Prerequisite for participation: Level 1 Moon Mother Training & 3 month integration. The Level 2 Moon Mother Trianing is the prerequisite for the Level 3 Moon Mother ® training.


You do not need an individual menstrual cycle to participate in the workshop. It doesn't matter if you have a regular or irregular cycle, a natural cycle or a drug cycle, or if you're in or postmenopausal.

If you are pregnant, please contact the organizer to see if the training is suitable for you. Participation in the second half of your pregnancy is not possible.

All materials are provided in German or English. Some other languages are available upon request.

This workshop will be held in English with German translation.

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