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& Moon Mother® technology trainers in German-speaking countries

Moon Mother® Teacher, Complementary Facilitator

M oon M other ® T eachernbsp; - L evelnbsp; 1 - 3

Moon Mother® Teachers are next to the founder of Worldwide Womb Blessing®, Miranda Gray, trained by her and

Certified teachers teach the Moon Mother® trainings in which women are initiated to the Moon Mother® and the Womb

Learn Blessing® techniques at the appropriate level:


Author & Moon Mother ® Teacher Level 1 - 3

Miranda Gray | Founder of Worldwide Womb ® Blessing

Workshop info: info (at)

Workshop calendar:> Miranda's calendar - international &> Calendar - workshops in Germany & Austria

> more about Miranda


Moon Mother ® Teacher - Level 1

Bettina Kreissl-Lonfat | certified by Miranda Gray

Level 3 Moon Mother ® & Advanced Moon Mother ® mentor

Workshop info: info (at)

Workshop calendar: > Calendar - Germany & Switzerland > Calendar - Miranda Website

> More about Bettina as a Moon Mother® Teacher


The Level 1 Moon Mother ® trainings have been handed over in Germany & Austria since 2017 by Miranda Gray to the teacher Moon Mother® Teacher Helia Paula Kleinhans, who was trained by her.

Miranda currently comes to German-speaking Switzerland once a year for a level 1 MM. Training.


The Level 2 & Level 3 Moon Mother ® trainings, the Moon Mother ® mentor training and the 1 day workshops: Red Moon, Meeting the crone & Optimized Woman, are taught internationally by Miranda.

We are pleased to be able to invite Miranda once a year to Germany for the one-day workshops and one-day workshops since 2015.

Level 1 "awakening of the feminine energies" Womb Blessing ®, Level 1 Womb Healing, boiler energizers, Moon Mother ® Full Moon Meditation, Level 1 Worldwide Womb Blessing ® as MM, led by WWB groups, self-healing technic & boiler energizers

LEVEL 1 MM   -

Level 2 "Awakening of the female energies into love" Womb Blessing ® - by using the Level 2 energy and Moon Mother ® symbols, Moon Mother ® symbols - healing from afar, Self-Blessing (self-blessing), Level 2 Womb Healing - by using the level 2 energy and MM symbols, female soul healing, technique for men, additional techniques: designing a sacred space - room energies, WB altar & how to make an offering (intercession)


"Opening to sacredness" Womb Blessing ® , "Opening to peace" Womb Blessing ®

(Opening to peace), "Maid / opening to self-empowerment and a new beginning" Womb Blessing ® , "mother /

Opening to love and being nourished "Womb Blessing ® ," Sorceress / Opening to wildness and the self " Womb

Blessing ® , "Old way / opening to the fulfillment of the soul and inner connection" Womb Blessing ® , Level 3

Ark type energizers, meditations for personal support

•. LEVEL 3 MM -

Moon Mother® MENTORS -  

Support and advice for women on cycle issues, personal path as MM

M oon M othe r® Complementary F acilitator

Workshop leaders for refresher workshops

Refreshment workshops & get togethers for Moon Mothers ® to deepen the Womb Blessing ® techniques

Moon Mother ® Complementary Facilitators are also Moon Mother ® technology trainers. (See below.)

Moon Mother ® technique training and an introduction to the content from Miranda books: Red Moon, Female Energy Awakening & Optimized Woman, as well as practical and creative moments of experience of the four female archytes.

        Switzerland - German room

                                          Complementary Facilitator

Bettine Kreissl Lonfat | Level 3 Moon Mother ® & Advanced Moon Mother ® mentor

Workshop info: speaker.bmklonfat (at)

Workshop calendar:> Calendar - Miranda website

> Calendar - Website Switzerland

M oon M other T echnik trainers

Moon Mother® technique trainers are Miranda Gray authorized Level 1 & Level 2 Moon Mothers® who do the Womb Blessing

Practice techniques according to their personal training level with Moon Mothers® in individual sessions and groups. You under-

direct the current techniques and giving updates to all workshop information and support new Moon Mothers® safety

winning integrated in the techniques.

The techniques used are those that the Moon Mothers® learned in their training with Miranda Gray or a Gray or a teacher.


Moon Mother® technology trainer for Germany and Austria is Monika Stengl

You can reach them using our contact form.

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