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Miranda Gray

Founder of the Worldwide Womb BLessing®

M iranda G ray

I nternational eg Authors • Artists • Teachers in Spirituality & Menstruation

Miranda Gray  

is a bridge between the worlds of creativity, healing, spiritual awareness and the world of wellbeing and the workplace.

Her experience as a writer, artist, healer and businesswoman combined with an awareness that is born from the active implementation of a life in harmony with her cyclical nature as a woman gives Miranda a unique understanding. An understanding of what it means to be feminine in a modern world that does not support feminine cycles and energies.

With her texts, lectures and workshops, Miranda actively supports women in discovering their authentic individual femininity and spirituality.

Her down-to-earth approach to spirituality provides women with life-changing guidance on living in harmony with their true nature and enables them to embrace and express all aspects of their feminine energies.

"Women are like the moon, we gradually change from day to day.

You will never see the whole cycle, you only ever see one phase. "

An invitation to all women

Miranda is a passionate writer, spiritual teacher, and facilitator of workshops on the cyclical nature of women, women's spirituality, and feminine energies. She supports the uniqueness of every woman, encouraging and instructing her to optimize her own cyclical energies in order to shape fulfillment, well-being, the achievement of goals and the improvement of work.

"When we coordinate a task in order to improve the skills we experience in a phase,

we can not only do things better & faster

- we also feel great too!

Our menstrual cycle is an amazing tool to create fulfillment AND happiness! ".

Miranda Gray has had a strong connection with the Divine since she was a child

Feminine. In the years before the internet, there was little information about that

Had menstrual cycle, feminine energies and feminine spirituality and such

Miranda, to understand herself, her cycle, her creativity and spirituality,

turn to the inner source of feminine wisdom. Those in the cycles

our body lies in the cycles of the earth and in the cycles of the moon and

the Stars.
With a background as much in science and art as in mythology,

Folklore and an earthly spirituality, Miranda kept an eye out for

ancient language of images and concepts that women orally handed down to

Finding support, the cyclical nature and the gifts it brings with it

brings to understand.

Her first book, Red Moon, published in 1994, was the beginning of one

personal path of discovery and teaching that continues to this day.

Miranda was trained in various spiritual and energetic techniques.

educated and has done adaptive Reiki Energy work in the UK and Canada for many years


Miranda's work as a multimedia designer brought her into the world of business, in

a range from small businesses to international companies.
Working in a masculine environment and being forced to rely on a

Working in a masculine manner, Miranda began strategies for lectures and training

to develop who harnessed the optimal skills of each cycle phase.

The result was The Optimized Woman - the first book about menstrual

cycle in the workplace as a self-empowering tool for well-being,

Achieve goals and achieve performance.

Although Miranda operated in the business world, it also worked as a

Healer, teacher of energy techniques and reader of oracle cards, using the

Taro Decks - The Arthurian Tarot - which she illustrated on the Animal Card Deck

- The Beasts of Albion, which she wrote and illustrated. She understood how

it was important to stay in touch with the divine and through observing

pay attention to how spirituality changes and by writing with the special

Spiritual Messages for Women emerged as the “voice” of each phase

On February 1st, 2012 Miranda had the first Worldwide Womb Blessing® for women

Originated from an inspired moment, the desire women not simply in

to support their healing, but also through an energy transfer

Awaken and a heartfelt call around as many women as possible

to reach the globe, the Worldwide Womb Blessing® was born.
Originally 20 emails were mentioned, 6,029 replied from 80 countries.

Miranda knew that these answers were an outcry in the hearts of women,

to feel completely and completely in her femininity and so she began the world

to offer wide Womb Blessings® five times a year. Over 145,000 women, out of 150

Countries have already participated.

To reach women all over the world, Miranda needed support for hers

To realize her heart's vision and so she began to teach Moon Mothers®,

give the personal womb blessing and with her during the worldwide events

There are now over 4,600 Moon Mothers® (as of 2018) all over the world

and there Miranda & her trained teachers in up to 15 countries every year

taught, that number will increase rapidly.

Miranda's latest book, Female Energy Awakening, connects our awakening

authentic femininity through the Womb Blessing® with the way of Roter

Moon (and her other books) and is a detailed guide like us

live our awakened authentic energies.

The Womb Blessing® system continues to grow with the Level 2 Moon

Mothers®, Moon Mother® Mentors, Moon Mother® Teachers, Moon Mother®

Technique trainers and additional energy exercises including “The Gift

- The gift “for men.

Miranda's dream is to create a legacy for women so that we can

We do not forget our body and we pass this wisdom to our children

pass on in order to create a balanced society in which the gifts

of the menstrual cycle and the authentic feminine nature and that of

Post menopausal women are valued, active in the community and

in working life.

Since 2016 Miranda has been training experienced Moon Mother® who work closely with her

work out to be Moon Mother® Teacher who will provide them with the training of Moon

Mothers® in it support the vision of womb blessing - as many women as

possible to reach further out into the world.

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