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Worldwide Womb Blessing® Attunement with Miranda Gray

& over 180,000 women around the world

Worldwide Womb Blessing® Attunement

A worldwide network of over 180,000 women from more than 150 countries

& over 6,500 Moon Mothers® from around the world

We are part of this unique movement. . .

An invitation to all women

Something wonderful happens five times a year

thousands of women all over the world come

together under the light of the full moon to do something extraordinary

- To share love, light & healing

& to awaken the sacred feminine in oneself and in the world.

A n all the wonderful women from all directions,


This is an invitation for free w omb B lessing ® A ttun em ent. . .

What is the W omb BL essing ® A ttunement

“The Womb Blessing® regenerates our feminine energies

It awakens the aspects of our femininity that have been lost & are waiting to blossom.

It makes our feminine nature return to her holiness and awakening. "


The Womb Blessing® energy grows with every woman and strengthens the healing energy

for all women worldwide.

The "Blessing Sharing" meditation that follows the Womb BLessing® meditation

mother tree meditation) & the moonlight beams, enables you to

to be personally part of the awakening and healing in the world.

Invite others to participate and let the women of the world join us together

Support awakening and healing.

Forward this page to a friend.

The Blessing is for all women, whether or not they have a uterus,

whether they have a cycle or not.

The energy of the Divine Feminine is there for everyone. The only condition is that

young girls must have had their first period (menarche).

Relationships, parenting, the stresses and pressures of life in a masculine,

modern world - all of these things usually separate us from our conscious

be about our authentic feminine nature.

A vision for women

In societies in which women know nothing about their true feminine nature, there are no authentic women who show how to live and work differently from men.

The behavior and thinking of men bring material success or protection and security, but it comes at a high price: guilt, emotional and mental disorders, stress and disharmonies in the body and in the cycle. So many women long for it: to feel whole, validated for who they are, and to feel confident and strong about their femininity and self-worth.

it only takes one woman for a change in the world ...


... by living the aspects of her true nature.

More and more women live and work in harmony with their feminine energies.

The benefits will be in their health, in their relationships, in their community and

visible in their work. Authentic women suddenly have knowledge and skills. they

are understanding and creative, have wisdom beyond their knowledge, understand

intuitive and living from the center of peaceful strength.

The world is ready for a change - and that change is made by women


The Womb Blessing Vision creates a legacy for future generations, so that

our grandchildren and great-granddaughters grow up in a peaceful global society,

who recognizes, teaches, celebrates and promotes a true feminine being.

What happened if... ?


What if society recognized the women's cycle?

A structure that allows women to live according to their cycle?

What if medicine recognized the four phases and adjusted the operations and treatments according to the cyclical energies?

What if there really was a will to understand the cycle and menopause?

What if mental health recognized the importance of adjusting life accordingly to the four phases?

What if the education allowed women and girls to learn in harmony with their cycle?

What if the statutes of Humanitarian Law ensured recognition, support, and education on the cyclical nature of women and guaranteed the adaptation of practices to the optimum of the full female cyclical potential.

What if the women could work in a collaborative manner so that they could share tasks depending on their cyclical phase?

What if we could build a society where neither sex lives from fear and their survival patterns but instead lives from their true nature?

Changing the world is a challenge - for many women it is dangerous and can be life threatening, for others it is a threat of losing the value and "equality" already won through tough battles.

... but what if ...?

From "Female Energy Awakening - The path of the Worldwide Womb Blessing back to Authentic Femininity" by Miranda Gray



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