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        Workshop on the popular book by Miranda Gray

Red moon workshop

of the power of the female cycle

A personal path to the blooming of a prosperity. . .

R ed moon workshops

with a utorinnbsp; M iranda G ray

Rote Mond seminar leader Monika Stengl


ROTERM o N D W orkshop


"R oter M ond - of the power of the female cycle"

by M iranda G ray

Inspiring. Nourishing. Creative. Self-empowering. Healing. Beautifully feminine.

Remember your true nature as liberated, beautiful, creative

& self-empowered woman ...

Discover the four women in you, the so-called four archetypes: virgin, mother,

Sorceress & Old Sage.

Learn how she works with the phases of the moon, the rhythms of the year and yours

Life phases as a woman are related.

Learn their skills, needs and their gifts for your lively everyday life

Know and enjoy in your job, vocation, your love affair and with your family.

The seminar is also suitable for women who do not have a cycle or are in or

after menopause.

One is a wonderful gift for every woman!

& a special recommendation to our Moon Mothers

& every woman who wants a female self-empowered life

A return to the source of feminine power ...

In the hearts of modern women the call and the longing are increasingly awakening,

after reconnecting with the original power of our femininity.

Our ancestors lived in harmony with their cyclical nature and wisdom

their menstrual cycle. For them it was a source of wonderful creative

spiritual, sexual, emotional, mental and physical energies. He was considered as

Gift that enabled women to renew themselves every month, too

manifest and create the world around them. This allowed them to

deeply connect with the country and their family and their great wisdom and

Expressing inspiration.

Today this is often perceived as a burden, combined with complaints,

Medication, medical procedures and loss of body awareness and

conscious use of this natural resource.

Young girls feel more about the responsibilities of being a woman

guided by artificial ideals of the industry, while mature women immerse themselves in

find a phase of disorientation during their menopause,

instead of loving initiation into the new power through an experienced circle

by women.

Awaken the goddess ...

Let's look at the traditions of world history, SHE pulls itself like a red

Thread through the fairy tales and myths of this earth. Everywhere we come across

deliveries from the goddess and her cyclical nature. It is described in the

Archetypes of the Virgin, Mother, Sorceress and Ancient Wise Men. The one described

We also encounter changes in their rhythmic cycles in the annual

times of nature, the phases of the moon, our

female menstrual cycle and everyday life itself.

All women are cyclical beings who are associated with changing emotions and

Needs. The durability

represents the continuous rhythmic change itself. Let us allow ourselves

our cyclical woman

expressing and letting it be alive with all its phases, we experience a

Feeling of wholeness, wellbeing, happiness, self-confidence, love and freedom.

Discover the cyclical woman ...

In this interactive workshop on self-awareness, we explore how we do the 4th

Experiencing energies of the menstrual cycle and how they interact with energies

of the 4 archetypes connected and what gifts they are for our daily lives

keep ready.

The wonderful and humorous Miranda Gray will take us into the wisdom of the feminine

Introduce strength and encourage us to express our natural femininity.

Miranda is a teacher and international author of various books on women

Spirituality like "Red Moon", "The Optimized Women" and Spiritual Messages for

Women and at home in feminine spirituality for over 20 years.

She is the founder of the Worldwide Womb Blessing®, a free Attune-

ment (vibration increase with tranfromation process) to awaken the female

Power centers attended by over 120,000 women from over 150 countries.

Together we will go on a journey to ...

• We share in a protected, trusting and sacred female space

our experiences.

Experience the authentically feminine together with other women in the potential

ornamental power of the circle

Learn about the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle and their gifts

Encounter the 4 ancient archetypes of the Goddess associated with the

cyclical nature of our menstrual cycle

Connect with ours with the help of a special visualization exercise

inner energies

Discover and explore the cyclical nature of our femininity and around her

continuously in line with our menstrual phases and the modern one

Everyday life to bring

Get an overview of when which goddess energy shows up in us,

by knowing and using the moon phase display

As women with a cycle, understand the connection between our 4 archetypes

our cycle phases or as

Women without a cycle with the phases of the moon.

Connect with ours with the help of a special visualization exercise

inner energies

The workshop supports women who take part in the worldwide womb blessing

and is recommended for Moon Mothers.

In order to pass the Womb Blessings and Womb Healings on, we offer this

Moon Mother Training, as well as for the advanced training for Level 2 Moon

Mother® & Moon Mother® mentor

Participation in the seminar ...


You do not necessarily need a menstrual to participate in the workshop

Cycle, it doesn't matter whether you have a regular or irregular, one

natural or medically influenced cycle have or just in the currency exchange l-

years are. The prerequisite for young women is that they already have menstruation

has taken place.

The workshop will be for pregnant women after half the progression

Pregnancy not recommended.

Currently there are no Red Moon Workshops with Miranda or MOnka

Info & appointments

Monika Stengl

wombblessing.germany (at) gmail. com + 49- (0) 163 1635000

MIRANDA GRAY: Red Moon - "Red Moon and why you need it

in your life "

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