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More about the Womb Blessing®

FAQ - Frequently asked questions & answers

An invitation to all women

If I've ever learned a Womb Blesing®

- Do I have to register again for another one or is the work already done?

When we practice a meditation practice, or yoga or a sports exercise, we do this regularly in order to benefit from the effect it brings for us and to maintain it in our lives.

The same applies to the Womb Blessing®.

Each Worldwide Womb Blessing® is a step on the progressive path of healing and transformation.

You have to register again for each Worldwide Womb Blessing® in order to receive the deeply transforming and healing energy.

You cannot attend at the exact time - no problem!

It doesn't matter if you can't be there at the exact time you choose, the energy will still be available when you can sit down for meditation.

At your chosen Womb Blessing® time, an energetic package will be placed in front of your door that you unpack as soon as you read the meditation.

The times on the login page of are in UK time

For the German-speaking area, add one hour to each.

"The Womb Blessing® is a gift that wants to be passed on."

The Womb Blessing® energy grows with every woman and strengthens the healing energy for all women worldwide.

The "Blessing Sharing" meditation, which is done after the Womb BLessing® Meditation & the moonlight beams, enables you personally to be a part of the awakening and healing in the world

Invite others to participate and let's work together to help women in the world awaken and heal.

Forward this page to a friend.

The Blessing is for all women, whether or not they have a uterus, whether they have a menstrual cycle or none.

The energy of the 'Divine Feminine' is there for everyone. The only condition is that young girls must have had their first period (menarche).

"What am I actually receiving?"

• A so-called Womb Blessing® Attunement from a distance directly from Miranda Gray.

An attunement is an increase in vibration with a transformation process that affects the three main female energy centers:

Womb, heart & brain energized and our feminine aspects awakened.

• There are 5 of them for you per year

• Different additional meditations for each Welteiten Womb Blessing®, suitable for the season

• an email reminder: reminder to register for the next Worldwide Womb Blessing®

• Email newsletter 1 month, 14 days, 3 days before the next Worldwide Womb Blessing®

• Access to the Womb Blessing® Attunement Facebook Community:

subscribe internationally:> The Womb Blessing® Attunement | > Miranda Gray

subscribe to German-speaking:> Womb Blessing® - German-speaking area

• Access to the support of our> Moon Mothers as you progress through each Blessing  

• Access to our> Moon Mother® Representatives and> Country Coordinators to support you in groups

found and manage, and promote the Womb Blessing® in your country  

Why are there four different times and why are they given in UK time?

There are 4 different times when the Womb Blessing® is offered to make it as accessible as possible around the world. The times are given in UK time as it is the place where Miranda Gray lives. For the German-speaking area, we also specify CET - Central European Time.

Who can pre-register / register for the Womb Blessing®?

Any woman with or without a uterus or menstrual cycle. The only requirement is that young girls must have experienced their first menstruation. Womb blessing is not just about fertility.

How does the registration process for the next blessing work?

If you have previously signed up yet for any of the blessings, you can register for the next blessing with your personal information> login .

As soon as the registration is opened, all women who have pre-registered or have already attended a blessing will receive an email with the information on how they can register for their chosen time.

Registration closes 24 hours before the Worldwide Womb Blessing.

With the registration you will receive a link to the website with the meditations that you did before the Womb Blessing® and for the Womb Blessing® meditation (womb tree meditation), the moonlight rays, the blessing sharing meditation & the corresponding archetype meditation for the season, for your chosen Need time.

Can I organize a Womb Blessing® group?

YES please do that! The more women participate with us, the more healing energy we share.

Just make sure that every woman joining your group has signed up for the time you specified.

A group can consist of women who have registered and who have not registered (including young girls). Those who have not registered can attend the meditations, but they will not receive the Womb Blessing® Attunement from Miranda Gray.

You are welcome to send us public groups, we will share them for you on the website and the German-speaking Womb Blessing® Facebook page.

> Find one or share your group

Can I use meditation even if I have not signed up for the Blessing?

Yes, you can also use the meditation on the day of the Worldwide Womb Blessing® if you have not registered. There are groups that are a mix of women who are registered and some who are not.

However, in order to receive the energy, women must be registered to receive the blessing energy through Miranda Gray. For the blessing, Miranda Gray prints out all the names, the countries and the times and uses them as a focus to send you an individual Womb Blessing® Attunement.

Imagine being uncomfortable about being sent a parcel, it needs your name and address on it to make sure it gets to you. :O)

Meditation is the process of opening the package and receiving the gift!

Every woman who then does the meditation opens herself to the Divine Feminine and HER love and supporting energies.

Can I take part in the Womb Blessing® even if I don't have a uterus?

Yes, the blessing is for all women. Even if you don't have a physical uterus, you still have the womb energy center - energetic uterine center that actually encompasses the entire lower abdomen and hips.

This center contains your creative energies, the energies of this female soul and your ability to connect through intimacy and feelings.

Can I participate if I am pregnant?

Yes. Your baby has a choice of whether or not to receive the energy.

What effects can the Womb Blessing® have?

When we do powerful energy or healing work, we go through a "clearing process". Then we release old patterns and energies that we no longer need. Sometimes the "clearing" can take place before the Womb Blessing® to prepare us to receive the new energy. Or after the blessing, when the new energy stimulates a healing process and changes in us. Each individual has their own type of "clearing process" and not everyone is aware that they are going through a clearing. In any case, drink plenty of free water on the day of the womb blessing, as the energy work can have a detoxifying effect on the physical body and water helps flush out the toxins.

Sometimes we can feel uncomfortable during a "clearing", face emotional or major challenges in our life. While it can feel very uncomfortable and painful at times, this is a "good kind" of pain, it is the birth pains of something new.

Be loving with you and nourish you for the month after the blessing. Get some rest, eat healthy, and drink plenty of water. Any kind of malaise will pass and a new transformed woman will grow into the light.

I have no uterus and felt that I could not finish the meditation during the Blessing. Is the Blessing Still Right for Me?

The feeling of emptiness may be related to the trauma of having your uterus removed. This can be like a physical body memory, or a mental or emotional memory. The energy of the blessing supports healing on all levels and with each blessing the healing will be deeper and your connection to the Divine Feminine will be deeper.

Do the meditation and self-healing exercise and you may find that your experience is deeper at the next blessing.

How does the Womb Blessing® work?

The Womb Blessing® works like an initiative or attunement in which the energy is channeled for you.

Miranda Gray's role as the channel is very small, it is simply in the middle of the center of the network of all women during the Blessing, for the vibration of the Divine Feminine and for one another.

In this connection we become a channel for each other and that means that more energy can flow through us to each other and into the country and the world. This means that every woman has an important place in the Blessing.

Anyone can connect with the Divine Feminine Energy, but this initiation or attunement is a direct process that connects you with the healing energy of the Goddess and her presence and deepens your connection to her. Many women will feel their awareness of the Goddess bloom with the Blessing, as well as awareness of the energies within themselves and their wombs / centers.

Why Miranda Gray? - a personal answer.

"I don't know, except that I followed an idea that caught on in my heart and the deep desire to go outside with it and spread the energy. Originally, I have the uterine tree meditation in my book Red Moon, which is for first published in 1994. I have personally worked with meditation ever since, adapting it to the flow of energy and consciousness it awakens, trying to understand what is happening and how the energy needs to be held that it brings with the Divine Feminine This was not an easy path and full of challenges - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Meditation has become a large part of my personal development and my spiritual path and at the beginning of 2012 I felt ready to do it with others My background is that of over 10 years of experience as a healer and teacher for energetic me methods and as a channel. My discoveries with the uterine tree meditation inspired me to create a series of energetic awakenings to pass the energy on to others who have become Womb Blessing®.

I can hardly describe the beauty of the energy during the process or the joy it gives me in doing it.

There are many ways to connect with the energies of the Divine Feminine and their wholesome energies, the use of Womb Blessing Meditation and attunement or initiation are simply one way to do so. It is a concept that can be taught, empowering women to pass on the Womb Blessing® as Moon Mothers® themselves and in this way to spread the energy further and to more women.

"I do n't know, except that I followed an idea that caught on in my heart and the deep desire to go outside with it and spread the energy. Originally, I have the uterine tree meditation in my book Red Moon, which is for first published in 1994 was featured.

When I first issued the invitation for the first Womb Blessing® in February 2012, I thought that maybe 50 women would respond. I was amazed and delighted at the number of women who signed up for the Worldwide Womb Blessing in February and are still signing up to attend the next one. On the day of the very first Worldwide Womb Blessing we were over 6000 women from 80 countries who came together to share female energy and receive blessings and attunements. What a powerful thing to be part of, many women who have taken part have shared their experiences on the Womb Blessing® blog and on Facebook.

Why is receiving more blessings a good idea?

When you know the process, you are much more relaxed on the second blessing and relaxation opens up more to receive the energy.

Every blessing is a gift of wholesome energy, so each time you will heal a little more and change a little more. Each Blessing also strengthens our connection to the Divine Feminine and our awareness of its presence in our lives.

Whatever we do in our everyday life, the Blessing will help us find a spiritual path in an unspiritual modern world. By participating in each Blessing, we enable more women to heal themselves and experience the Divine Feminine in their lives.

Some women felt light during the Blessing, and others felt heavy. Is one experience direction and the other wrong?

The Womb Blessings® anchor us very strongly in the earth, connect us with their energy and with our female soul. This can feel heavy to us when we tend to be ungrounded. Other women feel energized, empowered, and whole. The Womb Blessing® also connects us with the light of the feminine spirit, which some women experience in feelings of lightness and openness.

We are both of those energies. Our body is enlivened by our soul, which forms the grail or chalice that holds the light of our feminine spirit. We are from the earth and we carry the light.

What if my girlfriend wants to attend but doesn't have an email address?

It was wonderful that so many women wished to attend the Blessing, but with thousands of details to be organized, I had to buy an automated service to manage all of the registrations and emails. This means that it is difficult and time consuming for me to add women to the "list" without an email address. But I would like to imagine this gift of energy as widespread as possible.

To register for the Blessing without an email address, please send a single sheet of paper with the following information:

1. Full name

2. Your country

3. Your chosen blessing time (06:00, 12:00, 18:00 or 24:00 UK time)

to: Miranda Gray

This letter will be added to the sheets of paper with the names that Miranda uses as focus for the blessings.

They will not receive any feedback, so you will need to give them a copy of every meditation and information you receive via email.

Even easier, if you don't have an email address, register your friends with the details for the letter by> Email about us, we will forward the information to Miranda Gray.

“Why do you need an email address and what do you do with it?

Miranda Gray needs your email address for various reasons. First of all, she can send you information and updates about it, and she helps her identify each woman. If, for example, there are two women with the same name in the same country, their different email addresses show her that they are two different women and not a double registration, which might overwrite the selected time of the first woman because the second is a different one has chosen.

Finally, your information is kept confidential, Miranda Gray has no intention of sharing your information with any third party. Nor would she want anyone to do this with her information.

Is it normal to have spotting or premature menstruation after Womb Blessing®?

It is not uncommon for your body to respond to the energy of the Womb Blessing® with changes in our cycle during the month of the Womb Blessing®.

We may experience spotting (small blood stains) or early menstruation, as well as changes in the way we feel and react during our various menstrual periods.

The blessing energy heals the uterus center on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - and can help us to better accept ourselves and our femininity. When we relax into our feminine cyclical nature, we are less stressed and our cycle becomes less stressful, it helps us to feel more balanced and in harmony throughout the cycle.

Can I still use the uterine tree meditation after the blessing attunement?

Yes, you can use any of the meditations at any time. By using the Womb Blessing® Meditation (uterine tree) after the Womb Blessing® Attunement, you reconnect with the energy of the blessing. The first half of meditation is especially good when you feel aloof, ungrounded, or exhausted.

If you don't know exactly what meditation you can do, just trust your intuition and try it out

or> contact us , we will be happy to help.

Can I use an intention to direct the energy where I want it to be?

No, the blessing energy is a gift. We can unpack it, but we cannot influence what it does. The gift is the "Divine Feminine Energy for the highest good and in accordance with Divine Love" It will go where we need it most.

How can I learn how to give the Blessing to other women?

In order to learn how to pass on the Womb Blessing® energy personally, Miranda Gray and her authorized and certified teachers (Moon Mother Teachers) around the globe offer training for> Education to become a Moon Mother® .

Due to the continuous demand from women, there is enough training at different levels.

Moon Mother® Level 1 - Level 3 training, as well as a training for Advanced Moon Mother® to accompany women through mentoring.

Moon Mothers®: Who They Are and What They Do!

Moon Mothers® are women who have personally completed a training session with Miranda Gray or one of her authorized and certified teachers (Moon Mother® Teachers) at a Moon Mother® training. This raises them to the high vibration frequency that is necessary so that they can give the transforming Womb Blessing® attunements personally. You can think of the "Moon Mother® Initiation" like the initiation of a master priestess.

become a moon mother

You can find detailed information about the trainings in German-speaking countries under> Events

The workshops are certified and you will be a registered "Moon Mother®" and with the level training you will be able to give personal womb blessings, womb hellings and send the energy to Worldwide Womb Blessing® with Miranda Gray and meanwhile over 4,600 Moon Mother worldwide.

You can use the Womb Blessing® as a way for your personal path of self-healing or to support other women. Womb Blessings® example, can be offered to the full moon, or the first menstruation, a wedding, maternity or menopause to appreciate.

What is a womb healing?

Womb Healing is a practical healing method that supports the balance of archetypes, regenerates their energies and releases blockages.

Womb Healings are offered by Moon Mothers® between the Womb Blessings® and can be received as often as you want.

Womb Healings can contribute to a feeling of self-acceptance, self-empowerment and wholeness.

They can help bring the menstrual cycle back into balance, guide women through the changes of menopause and support women in menopause to embrace their new form of femininity.

Find a Moon Mother:

We look forward to support in the team

The Worldwide Womb Blessing is free of charge and is supported by volunteers and donations.

If you would like to support, please contact us, we are always on the lookout for translators and support with web & design.

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