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Groups for Worldwide Womb Blessing® with Miranda Gray

Find one or share your group ...

W orldwide W omb BL essing ®

These groups can be led by any woman, she does not need a moon

Be Mother®.

The presence of a Moon Mother increases the frequency of the group as she is the carrier of the vibration of the Womb Blessing®.

It catalyzes the energy & can actively transmit the energy.

The groups can be held on the day of the Worldwide Womb Blessing or on the days after. The Womb Blessing® energy is held ready for the recipients until they read the Womb BLessing® meditation (womb tree meditation).

An important difference - only on the day of the Worldwide Womb Blessing® is it possible to experience the worldwide female Womb Blessing® network, through which the power of the blessings is potentiated.

Registration to receive the worldwide womb blessing - on

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