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the Earth-Yoni BLessing

as part of the Worldwide N Womb Blessing®

Earth-Yoni Blessing®

this sweet resource reminds us of the sanctity in every woman's hat

& the unconditional flow of our feminine energies


W a s th E arth - Yoni B lessing?

The yoni (used here to denote both the vagina and the vagina) is a sacred shrine. It is the beautiful gateway through which the energy of the earth enters your body, the gateway through which life appears and through which we connect with the earth. The yoni connects the outer world with the inner darkness and the spiritual center of our womb and anchors us in the earth. It is the physical shrine of the Divine Feminine in her aspect of the young girl, adult woman, mature woman and older woman.

With so many women unsure of what it means to be feminine and "feminine" in the modern world, we have cut ourselves off from our yoni. We no longer see her as a beautiful symbol of femininity. We also no longer recognize it as a source of spiritual, sensual, and sexual prayer or a source of empowerment. With the alienation of the yoni, we have lost our connection to the Divine Mother, to her sexuality, abundance, strength, creativity and love. In this simple blessing, Mother Divine returns to us for healing alienation and awakening of her energy and presence in our lives.

When we give the Earth-Yoni Blessing, we open ourselves to the Divine Mother and we allow her presence and energy to flow through the women we bless into our culture and society.

The E arthnbsp; - Y oni B L essinginde r divide the world

The Earth-Yoni Blessing has been incorporated into the Worldwide Womb Blessing so that more and more women are able to receive it. Once you have received an Earth-Yoni Blessing, during the Worldwide Womb Blessing or in a personal blessing, you can share it personally with another woman, and she can then share it as well. You can find the instructions for this in the documents on the Worldwide Womb Blessing Download Page.

The Earth-Yoni Blessing is always given free of charge from woman to woman. You can give and receive it as often as Diu would like. It is for everyone who resonates with this energy! You don't need a uterus or a cycle, and you can participate even if you're pregnant.

What is the part?

After registering for the Worldwide Womb Blessing, you will find the Earth-Yoni documents on the Womb Blessing download page:

  • How do I take part in the Earth-Yoni Blessing.pdf

  • How do I give the Earth-Yoni Blessing to others.pdf

> Registration for the Worldwide Womb Blessing & Earth-Yoni Blessing via the international website:

> More about worldwide womb blessing:

> Find one or share your group:

How does the EYB fit into the W orldwide W omb B lessing ®?

See the diagram below.

Questions about participation?

Contactour German-speaking support:

or internationally the International Moon Mothers' Teamvia:

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