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Worldwide Womb Blessing® with Miranda Gray

& over 180,000 women around the world

Worldwide Womb Blessing®

A worldwide network of over 180,000 women from more than 150 countries

& over 5,000 Moon Mothers® from around the world

become the example of this unique movement. . .

An invitation to all women

Something wonderful happens five times a year

thousands of women all over the world come

together under the light of the full moon to do something extraordinary

- To share love, light & healing

& to awaken the sacred feminine in oneself and in the world.

A n all the wonderful women from all directions,


This is an invitation for free w omb B lessing ® A ttun em ent. . .

To register on

What is the W omb BL essin g®

“The womb blessing regenerates our feminine energies

It awakens the aspects of our femininity that have been lost & are waiting to blossom.

It makes our feminine nature return to her holiness and awakening. "


M iranda G ray


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