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Worldwide Womb Blessing® with Miranda Gray

& over 180,000 women around the world

After W orldwide W omb BL essing ®

Recommendations for after the Blessing

The energy will now be integrated into each of your four archetypes for a complete lunar cycle - we call them in Womb Blessing®: Maid, Mother, Sorceress & Old Sage.

These four archetypes exist in every woman - with or without a uterus, with or without a regular cycle, even after menopause.

The energy received during Womb Blessing® provides a potential that supports us to work on our issues and to resolve our blockages.

Our body house experiences a clearing process that can express itself physically, emotionally or mentally. Sometimes this happens very quietly inside and we feel little of it.

To support the integration of the blessing energy, some tips have proven themselves from experience:

• Base full baths or foot baths ( find. 40 min, since then the body is on

Toggles detoxification) for example with Kaisernatron, "My Base" from Jenschura or

"Ryobase" from Ryonex


• drinking hot or cold lemon water with honey (alkaline, liver

strengthening, antibacterial, antiviral)

• Base tea & good, preferably artesian, water

• fresh air & contact with nature

• loving treatment of yourself

• Lots of free fluids, sleep and good food - here the body regenerates its energy

K ä l tion & I ntegration

Whenever we do energy work we go through a process called "clearing".

This can occur before the event, when our energies are being prepared for the changes, or after the event, when the new energy begins to transform. This "clearing" is the process of letting go of old patterns, memories, beliefs and emotions because we no longer need them. This also involves working energies on areas such as old injuries and completing old healing processes from the past, as well as detoxifying the physical body.

Each person's clearing process is "unique", but there are a few things we can have in common:

• Sudden feelings of sadness or emotional oversensitivity for no reason while the energy is emotional

Clears blockages

• Old memories pop into the mind as the energy helps us let go of the past

• Negative thoughts as the energy changes old belief structures and limiting thoughts

• Aches and pains, while the energy goes to old areas that contain old injuries or current problems


• Cold-like symptoms, headaches and pimples while the energy is a physical detox

initiates (these can be relieved by drinking water to flush out the metabolic products.

• Fatigue from the changes that the energy makes and your body has to integrate these changes

to process. Rest more and be loving with yourself.

All of this can take place before, during or after the Womb Blessing® Attunement and they are wonderful because they are a sign that the energy is working on us and transforming us!

If you have the impression that you are going through a clearing process, nourish yourself- eat healthy, drink more water, rest more and do the "self-healing exercise" (in the Womb Blessing® document via the link after registration) to support you. All is well.

Clarification doesn't always bring challenging symptoms. For some women, it just feels wonderful before, during, and after the attunement! You can feel whole and strong - like when the female soul has come home. Perhaps for the first time in their life they feel free from the expectations and limitations of the past, free from guilt and trauma, and free to accept their femininity for what it really is and not as others expect it to be.

Other women can feel deeply spiritual, connected to the Divine Feminine and feel their purpose in life, while others feel energized, alive and filled with sexual energy and creativity!

How the energy works on us varies each time we receive the Blessing. Each blessing clears a little more our blockages, deeper healing, bringing us a little more to ourselves and strengthens our connection and awareness to the divine feminine in the everyday world. And during each blessing we strengthen the group healing of all women on that day, we bring a little more awareness about the Divine Feminine into this world and we bring her healing energies into the land under our feet and into the hearts of women worldwide. Each one has an important role in the Blessing!


You wish for the Worldwide Womb Blessing® ...

• Support for the integration & clarification process

• More information about your cycle phases

• Ideas how you can give your femininity more space in everyday life

We Moon Mothers are women personally trained by Miranda Gray and offer

different methods to support women:

• Support for the integration & clarification process 

Personal womb blessing - refueling the 3 main female energy centers:

Womb / womb, heart & brain,clearing old patterns, grounding, deep

Connection with our femininity

  Personal Womb Healing - balance of the cycle phases, clearing of blockages,

Regeneration of suppressed archetypes

• Advice & support in questions about the cycle, femininity, woman be, female arche

types, a female life in a masculine world

You have further questions

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