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the worldwide full moon meditation

on the full moons between the Worldwide Womb Blessings®

Worldwide full moon meditation

Connect with the beautiful colors and qualities of moonlight


Invitation to the Full Moon M editation

This meditation is received as a gift of the gentle light of healing, comfort and peace around the world. In the silver-white light of the moon, all energy colors are available to us, more gentle through the feminine.

In this beautiful and deeply loving meditation, we breathe different colored moonlight rays into our womb and thus bring healing, support & balance to our womb, our womb, our feminine energies, our cycles and our changes in life.

The colors for every worldwide full moon meditation are set on> resources and on the Womb Blessing Attunement Facebook page a few days before each full moon.

On every full moon we have the opportunity to receive the beautiful, gentle and unfolding gift of feminine energies that supports our femininity.

There is no age limit for this meditation and you do not need to have received a womb blessing or to have participated in the earth-yoni blessing. You don't need to have a physical uterus for this either.

You can do the Worldwide Full Moon Meditation on the day of the full moon, the day before the full moon and the day after the full moon, as often as you want.

You can experience the meditation all for yourself, but it is wonderful to share this little celebration and healing in a full moon festival group.

You can experience these full moon meditations for yourself, with your family, friends or even with a group.

When the vibration in our womb changes, it also changes in other women's wombs because we are all connected to one another.

For more information and to download the meditations:
> See the full moon meditation page here

Full moon M editationnbsp; DATA

The Worldwide Womb Blessings® are
a way of awakening feminine energy;
the full moon meditation is a way for us to receive healing & support,

as we walk this gentle path back to our authentic femininity.

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