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Books by Miranda Gray - literature on feminine energies,

female spirituality & cycle awareness

Red Moon

Of the strength of the female cycle

In ancient times, women used their menstrual cycle as a source of creative,

spiritual, sexual, emotional, mental and physical energy.

The cycle was seen as a gift, an opportunity for women to renew themselves month after month. With the help of his power they shaped the world around them and came into contact with it and with all living beings. Wisdom and inspiration are hidden in the cycle. This ancient knowledge is available to this day in our myths and fairy tales.

• Explore your unique cyclical nature and take advantage of the different ones

Energies of the menstrual cycle.
• Learn methods to use these energies creatively - sexually and

spiritually in daily life.
• Discover the ancient myths and use the messages for your own

Cycle trip.

"Red moon should be on every woman's bookshelf.
It's a really great book and especially in our hectic times,

in which women move further and further away from their bodies, very important. "

Dr. med. Dorothee Struck
Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics
Doctor in naturopathic treatment in Kiel.

Miranda Gray: Red Moon - Introduction

Miranda Gray: Roter Mond - 'Red Moon' and why you need it in your life

Awakening female energies

T he W ork of the W orldwide W omb B lessing back to authentic femininity

Uterine blessings help women to remove the limitations of their natural femininity

Five times a year, thousands of women worldwide connect with each other in order to return together to their long-lost femininity. They activate their feminine energies through the worldwide womb blessing, a blessing of the uterus. In this book, the founder of womb blessing, Miranda Gray, explains what is behind the uterine blessings.

Do you wish you were the passionate, spiritual, strong, loving, creative, and sensual woman that you actually are?

Five times a year, thousands of women worldwide connect with each other in order to return together to their long-lost femininity. They activate their feminine energies through the worldwide womb blessing, a blessing of the uterus.

In this book, the founder of womb blessing, Miranda Gray, explains what is behind the uterine blessings and provides answers to questions women ask themselves today:

• Why the energy center in the womb is essential for the well-being and happiness of all women - regardless of

    Age or physical condition.

What role the Divine Feminine plays in today's women's lives and how it can reduce stress.

• How we manage to find our way back to our feminine in a male-dominated world.

The path to a conscious female life that Miranda Gray introduces in this book leads women back to their true nature. He supports the healing and activation that the uterine blessings bring about.

"My uterus was blessed by the energy of the feminine in a worldwide womb blessing ... I know what I'm worth and have found my place in society and in the world." VM, Italy

This book is full of aha moments, full of meditations and exercises for all women - whether they have a cycle and a uterus or not.

S p I ritual M essagesfor W omen

F em i n i newisdomforthemenstru alcycle

(currently only in English)

A book that returns to us the secret of living a female spiritual life in a masculine world ...

Small enough to fit in a handbag for daily support and wisdom and with beautiful color illustrations by Czech artist Lenka Blažejová, to divide the phase sections.

About Spiritual Messages

Does your heart cry out for a daily spiritual relationship with the Divine, but it just seems so difficult to hold on to? There is a secret female-only spiritual path. Women's natural spirituality differs from men's spirituality, and yet we expect it to be the same. The key to our perception of and relationship with the Divine is our menstrual cycle. The Divine means different things to us in each phase of our menstrual cycle, and our relationship to Her, our spiritual needs and our spiritual expression change with each phase. Spiritual Messages for Women offers daily inspirational, supportive and loving guidance in tune with your four cycle phases, showing you how to create and enjoy a wonderful loving relationship with the Divine every day throughout the whole month. Dip into the sections once a day or throughout the day to reach out to the Divine and join Her dance.  

"I've wanted to publish this book for a very long time and I am so happy it is now available. I hope it inspires you to dance your cyclic path, sing your stories, share your love, create your dreams and live a beautiful life. "

Love Miranda

O ptimized W oman

U s I ngyourmenstrualcyclet o a chievesuccesandfulfil lment    

(currently only in English)

In 2009 Miranda wrote The Optimized Woman - a practical approach for women who wanted to create wellbeing, achieve their goals and dreams, and find success at work in a uniquely female way. The book was a response to all the self-development books, the 'create your dreams' books, and all the business and work success and coaching approaches that totally ignore the emotional, physical and mental implications of the menstrual cycle!

Miranda's interest grew when she realized that a coaching personality analysis that she took had a different result when taken in the pre-menstrual phase. It's often forgotten that just because women can work as well as men, it doesn't mean that we are the same as men!

There is one particularly powerful influence on women's lives which is often overlooked or suppressed in the worlds of business, fulfillment and success - the menstrual cycle. Forever regarded as a negative influence on our lives it is in actual fact a powerful tool that we can productively use to create happiness and fulfillment in all areas of our lives - yes, even during the pre-menstrual phase. Our cycles bring us the wonderful opportunity of 'optimized times' - days in our month when we can do things better and also have access to talents and skills we never knew we had.

When we adjust our thinking, look for our cyclic energies, and plan to meet our needs and best use our talents, something amazing happens - we create happiness and wellbeing. We find success, meet our work goals and live our life dreams.

Miranda is a passionate advocate for changing the way women view their menstrual cycles. Her drive is towards encouraging women to create a personal work practice that embraces not ignores their cyclic nature and energies, actively planning for and utilizing optimized skills when they occur.

'Your cycle is the most amazing and powerful self-development and life creation tool you have!

If you want success, happiness, fulfillment, great relationships,

and you want to get ahead and to live your dreams, then get a cycle! '.

Miranda Gray: The Optimized Woman

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