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Optimized Woman Workshop

With Miranda Gray

Optimized Woman Workshop

In spirations for an optimal life for women

use your menstrual cycle & live fulfillment and achieve your goals

with author M iranda G ray

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O ptimized W oman W orkshop

use your menstrual cycle & live fulfillment and achieve your goals

Inspiring. Enlightening. Creative. Self-empowering. Healing. Soothing feminine.

What is the optimal life for a woman?

An "Optimized Woman" is a woman who lives her life in harmony with

lives its cycle and uses the "optimal" energies and tools that are in

every phase in their life occur for increasing wellbeing and fulfillment too

design, to realize their dreams and goals and to improve their performance and satisfaction

Increase workplace .

In our menstrual cycle, we have days with reinforced thinking tools and

greater abilities. These "optimal" days not only enable us to

do certain activities and tasks faster, easier and better,

but also give us access to talents that we didn't even know we were

they could have.

In the modern masculine world we women have a unique work tool,

that when it is applied, we are adaptable, creative and productive at work

makes space. The name of this tool? The menstrual cycle.

Based on Miranda's book “The optimized Woman”, this workshop is changing

the view women have of their work, whether they are for an employer or

work yourself , for a small company, a larger company or an international

national company, whether you are an employee, manager or a

Board member does not matter.

By understanding our optimal days and application

this in our life and work we can:

• Release our stress, have to live on linear fashion

• Get things done better

• Get things done faster

Doing things outside of our normal abilities and expectations

develop and grow in new directions

Feeling whole and complete - who we are meant to be

Meet our needs with ease and create a sense of well-being

You get

This workshop combines practical information with interactive exercises that

enable recognition of the optimal times within the cycle and a

# personal practical experience of working according to an optimal approach

convey that can be continued after the workshop.

• Get to know your "optimal times" and perceptible tools and

increase the skills that await you in your different cycle phases

• how to assign suitable tasks to the optimal phases

• Use a unique feminine approach to shape your goals through use

the "optimized woman" within a group.

• Discover the two secrets that lie in the menstrual cycle, happiness and

Make fulfillment achievable at every stage.

• Explore the "optimal team" approach in a practical exercise to develop

cover how we use our optimal tools in team projects and activities

can combine .

• Riding the “high performance curve” by assigning tasks to their optimal ones


• Access to deeper empathy and understanding

• Creation of innovative inspirations and ideas

• Use of insight and greater vision

• better organization and better work structure

• Easier achievement of goals

• Intuitive problem identification and solution

• Reduction of work stress

• Hold the key to happiness and fulfillment

• With adaptability and flexibility in a range of areas


• A greater understanding and an intuitive vision

• Offering a varying number of different creative and intellectual

tual approaches

• Change the approach to meetings and team meetings

Suitable for

You don't need a menstrual cycle to benefit from this workshop - you

can all information provided to other natural cycles and rhythms

to adjust.

Post menopausal women, women without a cycle and pregnant women can participate

participate in all exercises.

Participation includes sharing experiences in an interactive and

confidential environment.

Workshop overview

• Why is the mestructive cycle so important to modern women? An introduction

        at your optimal times, the 2 cycles that are in the menstrual cycle and

what that actually means for women.

• The secret that lies in our cycles.

• Interactive Exercise # 1: Assign the task to the time. The participants

are guided through the thought processes in pairs around a personal and

assign a work activity to its appropriate optimal times.

• Interactive Exercise # 2: Optimize Your Month. The participants will be in

Pair the techniques appropriate to the tasks on their own lives

employing personal, work activities and commitments

assign suitable optimal times.

• Application to a main task. Miranda explains how to place an order in

divides its components to optimize each component.

• The menstrual cycle - the ultimate life coaching tool for women.

By adding the generally known life counseling approaches and

Adapting these to the optimal times, to create a natural and

easy approach to achieving goals.

• Interactive Exercise # 3: Shaping the life we want through use

the ultimate lifeguard! Group activity on using the tools

of the optimized women within the workshop to individual women

        support you to achieve your goals.

• Optimized Motivation: An introduction to the natural motivation within

our cycle phases and to make self- motivation easier!

• Interactive exercise # 4: Optimized teamwork: Miranda leads smaller groups in

working with your optimized

Tools to complete a specific project.


• Information material on the exercises of the day, including a summary

Overview of the optimized times and tools for use in the future.

• A certificate designed by Miranda.


1 day.

This is a self-awareness workshop, not a training.

Seminar times


Seminar fee


Registration form, conditions of participation, seminar description


MIRANDA GRAY: Optimized Woman

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