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Womb Blessing®, Archtypes Blessing®, Symbol Womb Blessing®

Womb Healing, Femaile Soul Healing, Cycle Mentor


As a Level 3 Moon Mother®, I support women to walk their path more easily, with goddess trust and grace. Moon Mothers® act as "weavers between worlds" connecting women to the Divine Feminine and the Divine Feminine to women through love and light. As a Moon Mother® mentor, I will help you to rediscover your menstrual cycle and the powers it contains and to fully accept your femininity.


Through the blessings I offer, I support you to live a feminine centered life, to find and maintain peace and your feminine power, your feminine path in the turmoil of modern life, and to feel the benefits of a Goddess empowered life. As the Level 3 Moon Mother®, I act as the hands and heart of the Goddess, opening with you the avenues to embody the Goddess and manifest a life that you desire. 

Level 3 Womb Blessing® “Awakening Feminine Energies to the Light”  

Supports you if you want to devote yourself and your life to the Divine Feminine and become aware of the sacredness/blessing of the Divine Feminine within you.  

Opening to Sacredness Womb Blessing®

A woman's affirmation that she belongs to Goddess and that Goddess is within her.

Opening to Peace Womb Blessing®  

This blessing brings deep peace to the whole of your life.

Archetypes Womb Blessings®:

“Maiden” Womb Blessing® Young Woman/Dynamic Woman (Opening to Self-Efficacy)

Motivation, hope, positive attitude, self-confidence, physical energy, healthy ego, self-development, inner child, new projects...

“Mother” Womb Blessing® Mother/Loving Woman  (Opening for love and support)

Love, gentleness, empathy, understanding, new relationships, emotional connection, emotional balance, patience, support, manifesting in the physical, mothering, life partnerships, abundance, practical creativity, community, life balance, harmony, nourishment

“Enchantress” Womb Blessing® Sorceress/Wild Lady (Opening to Wildness and Self)

Self-expression, freedom, wild inspiration, sensuality, personal magic, magical connection, letting go, letting go of old patterns, separation, letting go of control, flexibility, transforming fears and negativity, inner critic, creative energy, active energy, self-efficacy...

“Crone” Womb Blessing® Wise Woman (Opening for Spiritual Guidance)

Belonging, feeling of center, rootedness, acceptance, inner strength, completeness, trusting the flow, orientation, safety, direction, spiritual connection, surrendering to the divine, soothing the ego, manifesting in the spirit, help in meditation / mindfulness. let go of stress...

Symbol Womb Blessings®:

"Mother Love" Womb Blessing®  

MotherLove is the energy of unconditional love that manifests in the everyday world - through our bodies, our actions, thoughts, and through our relationships and everyday life. As an unconditional vibration, this symbol comes from the highest levels, but the energy is shaped to flow easily into the vibrations of the everyday world, raising them easily and gently without interruption or intense integration.

"Mother Life" Womb Blessing®  

MotherLife means the 'life force' that flows in all living things. There are many terms for this energy in different traditions. It is the life force that animates us and gives us physical strength and stamina and emotional and mental well-being. When we are low on life force, we can become more vulnerable physically and energetically, heal more slowly, have less enthusiasm for life, and feel overwhelmed. MotherLife is an important supporting energy to cope with everyday life and to support our well-being.

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