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Meeting the Crone Workshop

Meeting the ancients with Miranda Gray

Meeting the Crone Workshop

            Encounter with the old wise man

Um, the energizers are old ways in you

with author M iranda G ray

In 2020, this workshop will only take place online in English

M eeting the C rone

Um, the energizers are old ways in you

The longing for connection and healing in female spirituality ...

The energies of the old wise men increase during our menstrual phase. they

are the culmination of feminine and feminine spiritual awareness

Wholeness, love and peace. It is the old way that is the center of our human

truations cycle forms, which is the goal of the feminine development of every woman. The

Ancient wisdom is the mother of the stars, mother of souls, and the guardian of wisdom

and universal love. Every month we touch her in us and in every life

she calls us to go her own way when our cycle stops and our spiri-

virtual role begins.

You get

This experimental self-awareness workshop supports you the energies of

To understand ancient ways through your cycle and beyond

to work with them.

for all women ...

This workshop is for all women, young and old, cyclical or non-cyclical, who


• with the beautiful and deep energies of the ancient wise men

connect yourself.

• To understand the energies of the ancients in the menstrual cycle.
• To learn a little more about the Old Wise Men and their energies as they are in the

Manifest life after the menopause

in this workshop

In this unique workshop, Miranda calls you to the energies of the ancients

Wise men welcome you by telling you the old wise men in your menstrual

cycle that introduces the seasons and in your life.

  • DISCOVER THE OLD WAY and find out why it is so IMPORTANT to yourself if you wish to lead a life of finding in the modern world.

  • Meet her IN A BEAUTIFUL STORY, overall written and read by Miranda Gray and understand their role in the mens truationszyklus

  • RECEIVE A PERSONAL CRONE BLESSING FROM MIRANDA   (Blessing of the Old Wise Men) in a beautiful initiation where you meet with the acceptance, love, kindness of the Crone mother. Bring these qualities into your life through a monthly meditation if you are cyclical or as a daily meditation if you are menopausal.

  • ENTER YOUR CRONE SOUL and design your individual " VOICE OF THE CRONE " oracle cards to remind you of their wisdom in your everyday life.

  • UNDERSTAND THE GIFTS OF THE ANCIENT SAGES to you and the beautiful spiritual awareness it gives you


  • UNDERSTAND THE WAY FROM THE CYCLICAL WOMAN TO THE OLD WAY . This is a workshop about the Old Wise Men - who she is, what she gives us and how we can embrace her gifts no matter what physical stage we are in.

I chbindienbsp; darkness that keeps you with love.

I am tied to wisdom, strength and wholeness that finder.

I am a bunny who always ate for you.


You don't need an individual mentoring cycle to participate. it's playing

it doesn't matter whether you have a regular or irregular cycle, one

natural or drug-influenced cycle or whether you are in or after

are menopausal.

If you are pregnant, please contact the organizer to see if

the training is suitable for you. If in doubt, we do not recommend the workshops

for pregnant women.
All materials are provided in German or English.

Some other languages are available upon request. Please write me a

E-mail. The workshops take place in English with German translation.


One day self-awareness workshop

Seminar times


Seminar fee


Registration form, conditions of participation,

& Seminar description :


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