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Recommended from the heart and from experience

M oon M othe r ® figures

from B elle P ine A rt O regon / USA

Feminine ceramics

We particularly like Moon Mothers® these little treasures from Debbie Barrow.

They symbolize our direct connection to nature's creator crat, our feminine rhythms & the qualities of being the Moon Mother.

See under the keywords Moon Mother, Earth-Yoni Blessing, Moon Time & Blessing Bowl.

B lue M oon BL essin g E ssenc e

by C larity V ibration N ew F orest / E nglan d

Miranda Gray on the Blue Moon Blessing Essence

The Blue Moon Blessing Essence was developed by one of the first Moon Mothers®.

Daily use after the personal blessing or after the worldwide Womb Blessing®, supports the grounding and integration of the beautiful blessing energies and thereby bringing the divine feminine into your life.

It offers a special support for active moon & the spray is characterized by its particularly beautiful scent.

Miranda highly recommends it and uses it in all of her Moon Mother® training workshops.

Official W omb BL essing P roducts

by A ndrea M icheli B a r celona / S pan i en

Unique creations for unique women

Unique treasures from Advanced Moon Mother®

& Co-Country Coordinator Andrea Micheli

Each of these pieces is unique,

just like you, there is only you.

Each one is handmade and charged with Mindlicht.

The presence of the goddess remains in every cut piece.

Its high vibration will accompany you in the magical and healing processes.


by M anuel a F eohnbsp; P iemont / I talie n


Goddesses ceramics & other treasures

An expression of love for art & spirituality, through the heart.

100% handmade in Italy, all pieces are unique and can be personalized.

Wonderful, lovingly hand-crafted ceramics, bowls, posters, t-shirts, bags & pillows with pictures that want to transmit the ancient wisdom that rests in each of us and the channels of communication with the divine self in the world with their vibrating vibrations express.

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